• Private buyer of coins, or feel free to call me for appraisals!

Hi, I am a local coin collector. I am willing to buy various coins for private collection or help you arrange to sell your coins with local collectors (or simply answer any questions). Contact via email or phone if you have anything for sale, I'd be glad to give you an offer if interested.Personally I am looking for anything obscure such as Bermuda Hogge money tokens, replicas, forgeries. Bermuda 1793 ships pennies are good too. If you have any Ireland Island Co-Op Society tokens then I buy those as well.Contact me if you have some coins and are interested in knowing their values as well if you like. Just give me a phone call or email me pictures of your coins and I can help you understand what you have or help you sell them. I DO THIS FOR A HOBBY AND I DON'T CHARGE ANYTHING. EVER. Unless I am buying I will pay you :)You may also contact if you are interested in discussing the hobby or would like to share information, trade or show off some of your stuff! I can also help ID unknown coins you may have or help authenticate Hogge Money or 1793 ships pennies.Note: Pennies... Old British pennies. In General they aren't worth anything except if you have any keydates such as 1950 or 1951. Key dates on pennies are as follows:1837. 1843. 1849. 1869. 1871. 1875H ('H' below date). 1895 with no sea. 1902 with low tide. 1912H ('H' Next to date). 1918H ('H' Next to date). 1918KN ('KN' Next to date). 1919H ('H' Next to date). 1919KN ('KN' Next to date). 1926 with newer head type. 1933* Pattern only. 1937* Edward VIII. 1950. 1951. 1954*.
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PostedMay 12, 2016

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